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The birthplace of western civilisation, Greece is a popular destination for holidaymakers due to temperatures rarely dipping below 20C throughout the year and more than 220 inhabited islands to explore.

It also has an island for all types of holidaymaker, catering for all sorts of budgets; from Santorini for romance, Corfu and Kos for families and Athens, Rhodes and Lindos for culture. And while many of the islands shut down between October and May, the Greek mainland offers a year-round tourism industry.
Those seeking a quintessentially Greek experience with plenty of nightlife and diversity can’t go far wrong with mainland Greece or one of the larger islands, while those seeking a more authentic Greek experience should head to the smaller islands.

General Information

Capital City: Athens

Major Cities: Thessaloniki, Patra

Population: 11.30 million

Area: 50,942 miles | 131,940 kilometres

Languages: Greek. English is widely spoken

Electricity: 220V AC 50Hz

Tipping: Expected at around 10% in restaurants and for taxis

Hints: Many executives speak a second language. At meetings Greek coffee will be offered. People often use gestures when speaking. Head nodding or up and down movement may indicate - no.

Smoking is generally accepted but is restricted in public buildings and on public transport. On social occasions, eg invitation to restaurants, be reasonably punctual and dress as for business meetings unless otherwise indicated. The minimum drinking age is 18 years

Clothing: Lightweights during summer with light sweaters for evenings, mediumweights with rainwear for winter although heavyweights may be required for the north

Summers are hot with a distinct three month dry period. The wettest season is winter when it is generally mild although cold spells can occur. Snow in winter in the mountain regions is frequent and not uncommon elsewhere although it is rare on the islands. Spring and autumn are short seasons with changeable weather

What to Wear
Lightweights during summer with light sweaters for evenings, mediumweights with rainwear for winter although heavyweights may be required for the north

Who is it for?
Stunning sceneries.  Young crowds in popular resorts.  The romantic golden light of a sunset.  Dancing 'til dawn.  Hearty food served on the terrace of a taverna.  Tiny islands truly off the beaten track.  Thrilling watersports.  The incomparable treasures of ancient civilisation.  The picturesque bustle of a fishing harbour.  A host of amenities at luxurious holiday resorts.  Island hopping experiences.  The friendliness of the locals...

Thousand of different reasons to visit Greece!

General Information -

Full country name: Hellenic Republic
Area: 131,944 sq km
Population: 10.3 million
Capital city: Athens (pop approx. 3.7 million)
People: 98% Greek with minorities of Albanians, Turks and Slavic-Macedonians
Language: Greek
Religion: 98% Greek Orthodox, 1.3% Muslim, 0.7% other

Travel Information
Travel Facts -

Visas: nationals of Australia, Canada, Cyprus, EU countries, the European principalities of Monaco and San Marino, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, the USA and most South American countries are allowed to stay in Greece for up to three months without a visa; most others can enter Greece for up to two months without a visa; Greece will refuse entry to anyone whose passport indicates that, since November 1983, they have visited North Cyprus

Health risks: sunburn, Typhus (rural areas from April to September), Lyme disease, Rabies; codeine, which is commonly found in headache preparations, is banned in Greece and you may face prosecution if you bring it into the country

Time: two hours ahead of GMT/UTC; three hours ahead during daylight saving time

Weights & measures: metric

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When To Go
Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Greece. Conditions are perfect between Easter and mid-June - the weather is pleasantly warm in most places, but not too hot; beaches and ancient sites are relatively uncrowded; public transport operates on close to full schedules; and accommodation is cheaper and easier to find than in the mid-June to end of August high season.

Conditions are once more ideal from the end of August until mid-October as the season winds down. Winter is pretty much a dead loss outside the major cities as most of the tourist infrastructure goes into hibernation from the middle of October till the beginning of April.

This is slowly changing, however; on the most touristy islands, a few restaurants, hotels and bars remain open year-round.

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