Renowned the world over for its history, style, wine, champagne and cuisine, France is also known for its two and a half hour lunch breaks, its penchant for eating ‘cuisses de grenouille’ (that’s frogs legs to you and me) and its long (and sometimes bitter) rivalry with the British.

All flight destinations in France are possible including flights to Paris, Marseille, Lyon + more.

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But whatever the opinion, France’s geographic diversity, rich cultural heritage and temperate climate mean there’s a holiday to suit most tastes; from city breaks to winter sports; family getaways or mixing with the rich and famous on the French Riviera. And thanks to the speedy TGV trains, many cities are easily accessed from the capital in just a few short hours.

Currency: (EUR) Euro (EUR 1 = 100 Cents)

Tipping: Service charges are normally added to bills, if so tips are not necessary, but it is customary to leave small change. Tips for taxis around 10%

Hints: Business is conducted in French, most executives speak English or some German or Spanish. Smoking is very restricted in many public places and always request permission before smoking. Request permission before smoking in offices and cars. Smoking in restaurants is now restricted to specific areas. On social occasions, eg invitation to restaurants, be punctual and dress as for business meetings unless otherwise indicated. The minimum drinking age is 18 years

The north and northwest has a maritime climate which is changeable. Winters are usually mild, summers are moderate and rainfall occurs throughout the year. Southwestern France has a markedly warmer summer although it can be rather wet, and winters are usually mild. Central and eastern areas have a more continental climate with colder winters and a little warmer summers. Rainfall is usually low and tends to fall in summer. The Mediterranean coastlands have a warm/hot summer period when rainfall is scarce. Winters are usually mild although changeable cold weather can be brought by the northerly wind called the `Mistral'(which can blow at any time of the year). The mountainous areas are the wettest and coldest regions where much of the winter rain falls as snow. Summers are relatively fine although there are frequent and sudden periods of cloud and rain

What to Wear
Mediumweights in winter with topcoat necessary in mountain areas and in the north. Medium or lightweights in summer.
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France is the most beautiful of European countries.  It is a land of rich diversity - with stunning scenery and magnificent beaches.  Add to this its history, culture, food and fine wines, France will arouse all your senses.


Whatever the type of holiday you are looking for - relaxing on the beach, exploring the beautiful countryside, or trying our one of those sports or activities you have always promised yourself, France has something to suite everyone.

General Information on France

Area: 551,000 sq km (214,890 sq mi)
Population: 59 million
Capital city: Paris (pop 13 million)
People: 92% French, 3% North African, 2% German, 1% Breton, 2% Other (including Provençal, Catalan & Basque)
Language: French (also Flemish, Alsacian, Breton, Basque, Catalan, Provençal & Corsican)
Religion: 90% Roman Catholic, 2% Protestant, 1% Muslim, 1% Jewish, 6% unaffiliated

Capital City: Paris

Major Cities: Lyon, Marseille.

Population: 64 million

Area: 211,209 miles | 547,030 kilometres

Languages: French

Electricity: 220V AC 50Hz

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The range of flights to France has never been better, and the low prices will surprise you.  With convenient connections in Paris, most parts of France are now accessible from your local airport.  Or, travel with one of the low-cost airlines who have some of the most popular holiday destinations in France.

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